Linux freeware substitute for Autocad? (DXF target)

Linux freeware substitute for Autocad? (DXF target)

Post by Dara Parsava » Mon, 03 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I've looked through the redhat (which i currently use) and debian sites
for a 3d drawing program and i haven't found quite what I'm looking
for.  I need to be able to produce a DXF file of a relatively primitive
3d object (a bent piece of sheet metal basically).  I have some brief
experience with xfig and have never used autocad (which i'm hoping to
avoid).  Is there a way to produce these kind of files with a freeware
linux program?

Some readers might not view this as an advocacy topic, but if I ever
hope to abandon my Win95 boot option permanently, I need to find
alternatives to several Windows programs I use (another being a
foreign language translator).  Thanks.


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