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I am sure many of you have seen posts or received emails promising to
make you thousands of dollars with a small investment.  When I received
this letter, it was one of dozens I had gotten in the past year
promising me easy money.  Initially I dismissed them all as
"Quick-Get-Rich Schemes and trashed it.  When I received this letter
something was different.  I thought to myself  "why not give it a try.
It's only $6 plus postage." I have been assured that this is legal if
you follow the process given below.  THIS LETTER PROVIDES A SERVICE
WHICH IS 100% LEGAL !  (Refer to title 18 USC, Section 1302 & 1342-U.S.
Postal and Lottery Laws) If you are a risk taker wanting to make profits
using the Internet, give this a try.  You'll be glad you did!

A retired lawyer had a client who brought him a copy of a letter wanting
to know if it was legal.  The first version wasn't but after one
revision, it was legal to do.  The client then took this letter and went
it out through the Internet.  Several months later they got together and
the attorney asked if the letter was successful.  The client told him
that he made over $800,000 dollars in cash!  The lawyer, who was
skeptical then did the same thing and made $868,439 dollars.

Following the process for making money can yield about $800,000 dollars
when you post to 200 newsgroups or mass email to 200 addresses.  The
major difference between this letter and others is there are six levels
rather than five.  This additional level adds another round of profit.
The first attempt from the story above was about a 9.5% return and the
time was over 11%.  Using a return rate of 7.5% the following results
can be achieved:

1) When you mail out 200 letters, 15 people will send you $1.00.
2) Those 15 mail out 200 letters, and 225 people will send you $1.00
3) Those 225 mail out 200 letters, and 3,375 people will send you $1.00
4) Those 3,375 mail out 200 letters, and 50,625 people will send you $1.00
5) Those 50,625 mail out 200 letters, and 759,375 people will send you

At this point your name drops off the list, but so far you have received

This will work every time if everyone follows the rules.  How well it
works depends on the number of letters sent out using the Internet.  In
the above example, 200 letters were used.  If you increased it to 500,
the profits would jump to about $2,006,917!!

Do the following if you want to make money!

1.  Immediately send $1.00 to each of the six people on the list below.
Wrap the dollar in a note saying "Please add me to your mailing list"
and include your name and mailing address:

1) Dept SB 8501 Wilshire Blvd., #165, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
2) Steven Berman 1206 E. Elizabeth St, Pasadena, CA  91104-1408
3) Tom Judas 718 N. Harper Ave, Los Angeles, CA  90046
4) Vivian Dobay 1920 N. Lake Ave, #108-208, Altadena, CA  91001-3059
5) EOD 2009-121 St Thomas Dr Waldorf, MD 20602-2174
6) J. A. Wenaas 602 Carroll Sq. #2W, Elk Grove, IL 60007

2. Remove the name next to #1 on the list and move the rest of the names
up one position. Then place your name in the #6 spot. This is best done
by saving this to a text file and editing it yourself and saving the new
edited copy.

3. Once you have completed the above instructions, you can either send
this out through email or post it to newsgroups on the Internet.
Currently there are over 20,000 newsgroups available.  This letter has
been proven perfectly legal using either medium as long as you follow
the above instructions. To use email, you can use a one of several
programs to email en masse. Either way will bring big payoffs.  

If everyone who uses this letter follows the rules, we all will
prosper!  The number of people accessing the Internet doubles every six
months (according to the experts).  If you achieve the 7.5% mentioned


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