SCO's NDA offer a PR stunt

SCO's NDA offer a PR stunt

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Analysts to SCO: No thanks to code review offer
Linus Torvalds likened the fight to a Jerry Springer episode
Patrick Thibodeau, Todd R. Weiss  MAY 30 2003
Analysts are balking at The SCO Group Inc.'s offer to view its proof
that there is illegal Unix code in Linux, with one calling the move a
publicity stunt. Meanwhile, Linux creator Linus Torvalds today said that
he has no plans to look at the code and that the battle between SCO, IBM
and Novell Inc. is on par with a rancorous episode of the Jerry Springer

But Giga Information Group Inc. analyst Stacey Quandt said she has
discussed SCO's offer with her legal counsel, and if she signs an NDA,
it may hinder her ability to write about it. She could get subpoenaed as
well. Quandt called the offer a PR stunt.


1. buy us out says SCO's CEO to IBM
SCO's CEO says buyout could end Linux fight
His comments came in response to an analyst's proposed scenario
TODD R. WEISS  MAY 30 2003

"If there's a way of resolving this that is positive, then we can get
back out to business and everybody is good to go, then I'm fine with
that," McBride said today in an interview with Computerworld. "If that's
one of the outcomes of this, then so be it."

"I'm not trying to screw up the Linux business," he said. "I'm trying to
take care of the shareholders, employees and people who have been having
their rights trampled on."

  "Even if you potentially had a problem [with concerns about Unix code
in Linux back then], what are you going to do?" McBride asked. "Sue
Linus Torvalds? And get what?"

"The notion that we're going to sit back and let the Linux steamroller
go over us at our expense, at the shareholders' expense, makes zero
sense to me."

"It's sort of like somebody stealing your car, and you hunt them down
and you find them, and they say you can have your car back, but there's
no penalty for that," McBride said. "If there's no penalty for stealing
property, then where are we?"


June "will be show-and-tell time," McBride said. "We're not going to
show two lines of code. We're going to show hundreds of lines of code"
that allegedly violate SCO's intellectual property.

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