UniForum Chairman: Scale down

UniForum Chairman: Scale down

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I just read this and post it in here to hear everybody's comments.

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Charles Liu
Universal CD-ROM
Leader in reselling Linux distributions

Letter From the
                         Chairman To the
                    UniForum Membership:

                    The one certainty in our world is
                    change. Over the past few months
                    your Board of Directors and the
                    UniForum staff have wrestled with
                    serious issues about how the
                    Association will continue to serve
                    its members and affiliates in the
                    face of changes that affect our
                    industry, our membership and our
                    organization. Rest assured that the
                    Association will continue.

                    UniForum was founded as an
                    association of industry
                    professionals dedicated to the
                    commercialization of UNIX. Their
                    efforts were immensely successful
                    and UNIX became the first great
                    example of open standards
                    computing. It remains today the
                    leader in mainstream
                    business-critical computing.

                    Its main task complete, the
                    Association faced the challenge of
                    redefining its role. We knew that
                    we stood for more than just one
                    open technology -- we wanted to
                    see open standards computing
                    thrive and prosper. Whenever there
                    is a community of development
                    working within a common
                    framework, technology surges
                    forward. The best example is
                    where the UNIX community, and
                    the developer community that built
                    the Internet, overlapped with a
                    common heritage and both
                    produced incredible results. Open
                    standards have moved computing
                    ahead faster, and created more
                    value, than any alternative.
                    Competition, open standards,
                    choice, free markets, and the
                    advances that come when more
                    than one person or company can
                    contribute to the foundations, all
                    stand in stark contrast to the death
                    of creativity and lack of quality that
                    is the inevitable outcome of

                    UniForum with its show,
                    conferences and educational
                    programs has been deeply involved
                    in the broader mission of open
                    standards computing. But our initial
                    success with UNIX meant we were
                    most often viewed as "UNIX
                    Only". Our annual conference and
                    trade show in particular has been
                    branded a UNIX show.

                    The Association has continuously
                    revamped and modernized the
                    content of the annual conference
                    and trade show, emphasizing
                    educational quality throughout.
                    Nevertheless, vendors continued to
                    present UNIX solutions, attendees
                    expected to see UNIX solutions,
                    and our new content did not change
                    the market's view of the event.
                    UNIX is in the mainstream of
                    business computing, and those
                    solutions can thus be seen
                    anywhere. Despite the high quality
                    of our event, the financial return
                    from UniForum '97 was lower than
                    expected, and the exhibitor sign-up
                    rate for next year's event has been
                    minimal. In short, the event is no
                    longer financially viable. This has
                    had a severe impact on the finances
                    of the Association. Combined with
                    some shortfalls in other programs
                    we are in the midst of what can
                    only be called a sudden financial
                    down draft.

                    As previously reported to the
                    membership, we expected by this
                    time to have combined our
                    day-to-day operations with The
                    Open Group (TOG). Timing issues,
                    having to do with new strategic
                    plans at TOG, have delayed this
                    implementation; and while we share
                    common goals and have active
                    projects ongoing with TOG, the
                    official combination must be

                    We face two challenges: how to
                    return to our roots as a professional
                    member organization focused on
                    today's issues of open standards
                    computing; and how to operate
                    without our major revenue source.

                    To meet these challenges the Board

                    1) Return the Association to its
                    roots as a volunteer-driven
                    organization, cutting organizational
                    overhead, eliminating programs
                    with small demand and
                    concentrating our efforts on the
                    needs of individual members and
                    regional affiliate organizations. The
                    Association plans to move its
                    offices to shared facilities with the
                    Washington Area UNIX Users
                    Group (WAUUG); and we expect
                    to appoint Alan Fedder, WAUUG
                    Executive Director, as the new
                    head of operations. Alan is a
                    vigorous supporter of UniForum's
                    ideals. He is an experienced show
                    and conference director and, as a
                    past member of our Board, brings a
                    wealth of Association knowledge,
                    and a clear dedication to member
                    needs and development.

                    2) Continue to offer our members
                    forums to share their commitment
                    to open standards computing;
                    publish a newsletter and/or journal;
                    produce the Open Systems
                    Products Directory; develop and
                    build training and educational
                    opportunities; and provide a variety
                    of other member benefits.

                    3) Prepare to cancel the major
                    1998 UniForum Conference and
                    Trade Show, after consultation
                    with our show manager, Softbank
                    Comdex, Inc., and investigate a
                    new venue for our annual

                    4) In accordance with our by-laws,
                    inform new Board nominees of
                    these changes and delay the Board
                    election temporarily. Because this
                    major financial crisis accelerated
                    just as Board elections were
                    nearing, we felt it would be unfair
                    to the newly nominated candidates,
                    and dangerous to the Association,
                    to hand over these problems
                    without making a full attempt to
                    solve them.

                    5) Reconfirm with the Board
                    nominees that they still wish to run
                    under these changed circumstances
                    and, if necessary, reconvene the
                    nominating committee to provide
                    the membership with a full slate of
                    qualified candidates. We believe
                    that future Board members will
                    have to be more active on a
                    volunteer basis in program
                    operations. Elections of a new
                    Board will be re-scheduled at the
                    earliest possible time.

                    6) Continue to find every avenue to
                    work cooperatively with The Open
                    Group, USENIX and other
                    organizations, as appropriate.

                    This has been a difficult time, and I
                    would like to thank the staff of the
                    Association for their long and
                    dedicated efforts. I am happy to
                    report that some key individuals
                    will continue their service to the
                    Association. I would also like to
                    thank Tom Mace, our Association
                    President, who stepped in at a
                    critical time to help us face these
                    challenges. Finally, I'd like to thank
                    my fellow Board members who
                    continue to give so generously of
                    their time and talents.

                    I am pleased that the Association

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UniForum Chairman: Scale down

Post by Michael Warn » Mon, 23 Jun 1997 04:00:00


>I just read this and post it in here to hear everybody's comments.

I've got a comment - couldn't you have used some of those neato Unix text
formatting tools to make it a little, well, less vertical?


1. Scaled bitmaps vs. scaled outlines

Question:  is it possible (either directly or through the xfs) to make
X use the bitmapped fonts when they DON'T need to be scaled, but then use
scalable Type1 fonts when there are no prescaled fonts available?  I.E.,
right now, if I use like 12 pt or 14 pt times, it looks good because it is
a pre-scaled bitmap, but if I try like 40 pt times, instead of using the
Type1 times font that I have installed, it scales up the bitmap font to 40
pt size and it looks blocky and like crap.  However, if I put the Type1 dir.
before the 75dpi dir in my fontpath, the 75dpi fonts are all but ignored, and
the Type1 times font scaled to 12 or 14 points looks crappy.

So you see the dilemma?  How do I solve this one?


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