Win -> Linux becoming easier than ever!

Win -> Linux becoming easier than ever!

Post by sfcybea » Thu, 25 Jan 2001 11:59:58

Gotta love it!

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Win -> Linux becoming easier than ever!

Post by mlw » Thu, 25 Jan 2001 22:28:44


> Gotta love it!

I'm thinking that, maybe, we are trying to beat Windows with the wrong game.
What do I mean? Think about this:

A user of Windows will give you that "deer in the headlights" look when you
mention stability. They have no concept of a computer that is reliable, thus it
means nothing to them when you say it. They really don't understand that would
not have to "reboot."

They will give you the same look when you talk about using many applications at
the same time. Sure they've used a couple here and there, but they don't dare
have many "active" programs at once. When they do, they feel themselves lucky
if nothing crashes. Besides, WinDOS can't schedule many applications
effectively, NT/2K is much better, but most people still use the DOS extender.

The very things we have grown to rely on, and have become the very features we
have found we truly know as important, the Windows users of the world have no
concept. Like explaining what a CD is to someone back in the '50s. They can
understand what you say, but can't put it in mental terms that mean anything.

I suspect this many of the Winvocates are the same way. When I first started
out in computers, CP/M was all the rage, and the 8080/Z80 was THE Micro. The
IBM PC came around and trounced the Z80. However, by the time the IBM and DOS
came around, I was using UNIX on a Sun 1, with a VAX connected via triaxal
ethernet. CP/M and DOS were good for one thing at a time, and often had to be
rebooted for each new thing. They were usable, similar to the way one would use
an embedded system. They weren't "real" computers.

I knew "stable" hardware from the start. Every version of every MS OS has been
and is lacking, and left me missing my first "real" system. It is possible,
that if I had never used those systems in the '80s I would not have seen the



1. FTP problem: linux>>win/SGI slow win/SGI>>linux fast

The machine is on a Novell 4.2 network and uses an Intel
Ether Express 16 card. It is possible to be on another
machine and transfer a file FROM the linux box at a rate of
about 600kB/s.
However, transferring to the linux machine gives rates of
about 18kB/s.  Similarly if one is
on the Linux box using ftp, transfer both from and
to another machine and
from another machine is slow - around 18Kb / sec.

It is a dual boot system - when tranferring/receiving files
using windoze ftp (QVFTP or WS_FTP) the transfer rates in
both direction are 600kB/s.

At installation time, linux was set up to use the
'eexpress' driver and the bootp protocol.

There are no packet overflows, packets lost or errors generally.

Visualising the transfer using the 'hash' function of ftp
shows that transfer progresses at the expected speed for
10-30kB, then stalls or slows down to a snail pace, then
starts again, slow, stall, slow, etc...

I have tried
- explicitly stating the IRQ=10, I/O base address 0x300
- turning on/off IPX
- making the MTU smaller
- manually configuring (i.e no bootp) the ip address etc.
- playing with the routing window as suggested in the
HOWTO-Ethernet file.

The only effect I have been able to achieve is a reduction
in performance to 13kB/s.

Checking usenet a number of people seem to have had a
similar problem but no relevant solutions suggested.  One
person claimed they started having this problem when
they upgraded their motherboard.

I have no idea what to do next... help...

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