who would trust an anti-virus product from Microsoft, BBC.co.uk

who would trust an anti-virus product from Microsoft, BBC.co.uk

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Bill Thompson,  June 13 2003.
How far do you trust Microsoft?

Can Microsoft win customers for its anti-virus product?
Technology analyst Bill Thompson wonders who would trust an anti-virus
product from Microsoft

This week Microsoft announced plans to buy a Romanian anti-virus
technology company, and instantly the technology sites were full of
speculation about what it all means.

Shares in anti-virus firms dropped in value, comparisons were made with
the browser wars when Microsoft used illegal tactics against Netscape's
Navigator web browser, and everyone assumes that the whole anti-virus
market would be completely turned upside down.

There are, of course, examples of technologies which were doing very
well as third-party add-ons until Microsoft decided to bundle them with
Windows and take over the market.

The web browser is the most obvious, but disk de-fragmenters, disk
compression tools and network software all came first.

This leads to the second point. Microsoft has a poor track record when
it comes to the security of its products and its ability to deal with
these problems effectively.

I suspect I am not alone in saying that I would never buy, trust or
install an anti-virus package with the Microsoft name on it.


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Anti-virus firms are warning of the outbreak of yet another mass-mailing

Sobig-C, which spreads by email or (less commonly) network shares, has
been intercepted more than 15,000 times since its first appearance on
Saturday by message filtering outfit MessageLabs. This virus has now
reached 'high level' outbreak status, the company reports.

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