Backup Exec UNIX Agent

Backup Exec UNIX Agent

Post by jeanni.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am preparing to install the Backup Exec UNIX Agent on my RedHat 6.1.
Does anyone have any pointers prior to my installation?


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1. Seagate Backup Exec Unix agent

Hello.  I am looking for some options to back up a Linux system that I am
building.  I currently have a NT machine running Seagate Backup Exec
version 7, and Seagate provides a 'Unix Agent' to back up unix machines
connected over the network.  Buying another tape drive isn't an option.

I have downloaded and examined this file, and it specifically only
supports Solarix/X86, SCO Unix, AIX, HPUX, SunOs, Unixware, and another
flavour of Unix which I do not recall.

I vaguely recall that Linux is capable of running SCO x86 binaries with
the appropriate kernel supports compiled in.  

My questions are:

a)      Is anyone currently doing this at the moment, and was the
installation trivial (ie: just changing a config file and the install
shell script to trick the installer into thinking that it's installing on
a SCO system), or were there other really nasty issues.

b)      Is a 10megabit/second ethernet connection between the NT machine
fast enough to support backup from the Linux box to the NT box to a DDS-2
DAT drive (which is backing up a Barracuda on the NT box at approximately

c)      I'm considering running Linux on an Alpha box -- does this further
complicate the support for the SCO Intel x86 binaries?  Is there some sort
of translator (ie: like the NT one that's available for the Alpha) that
would work?

Thanks.  Please post here as well as send email to

all responses.

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