Help me with Linux perl Script

Help me with Linux perl Script

Post by Allen S » Thu, 18 Apr 1996 04:00:00


This is a script written in perl 4.0 , it sends a mail automatically
to the recipient, it works well on a Solaris machine but cannot run on
a Linux machine, on the Linux machine.... i always get disconnected by
foreign host even when using the same host's port 25 !!!

Please Help me .......

open( Mailer, "|/bin/telnet 25 \n") || die("error");
print Mailer("HELO\n");

print Mailer("DATA\n");
print Mailer("Subject: HELLO\n");
print Mailer("Hi!\n");
print Mailer(".\n");
print Mailer("QUIT\n");
close (Mailer);
Allen Sim

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