Vote for Linux

Vote for Linux

Post by Charl » Tue, 23 Oct 2001 07:57:35

What is your operation system ?  (Qual seu sistema operacional?)

Vote for Linux (Linux/Mac/others(outros)) in:


1. Linux and Quake3 - Need a vote for Linux!

Hi all,

Be sure to check out the latest announcement from ID regarding their
schedule and implementation of the game Quake3 across platforms (ie.
Mac and Linux).  It does pose a dilemma for those of us who want to
play the game on both Windows and Linux.  (i.e. should I wait and buy
the Linux version or run to the store and buy the first version
available so I can get in on the action?).  I guess it depends on how
long the wait turns out to be.  You'll find the info at either or

Bill Nussbaumer

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Before you buy.

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