Bill G. Sings the Nerdy Blues (and Bill C. Plays a Sour Sax)

Bill G. Sings the Nerdy Blues (and Bill C. Plays a Sour Sax)

Post by Max » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

: MS has a perilous grip on the entirety of personal computing. Imagine if
: one company owned 80% of the all the roads in America.

: [MS] leveraged its unique position - from the day IBM licensed QDOS - to
: now reign unchallenged (unchallengeable, really) so that they alone can
: dictate the future of personal computing ... and that future basically
: means paying more and more to MicroSoft.

: How quicky we forget: remember what MS considered the future of online
: information and computing? Something as egalitarian and free flowing (and
: you *like* freedom, don't you) as the internet? NO NO NO, mon ami, it was
: MSN. Two years ago the feds were up in arms about MS forcing the MSN icon
: onto every Windows desktop, to the exclusion of CompuServe and AOL.

: Without products like Netscape and Mosaic, you'd be getting this message on
: the MS tollway.

Great insights and well-put. I'm no fan of government in general, but the
minimal reason for government to exist is to protect the rights of everyone,
whether rich or poor. In this case, the wealthiest man who ever lived can't
restrain himself from using that wealth to satisfy his and his hangers-on
lusts to run right over everyone else. I'm sure he calls it "economic
Darwinism" or some such and justifies how "the strong and fit" (himself and
his pals, natch) have a perfect right to devour the weak (everybody with
less money.)

How nerd-like, in the end. A basic understanding of human instead of
spreadsheet psychology would have helped Bill understand how while he was
becoming ever more fantastically wealthy and powerful, and receiving the
sycophantic adoration of all who wished they had his money, or a bit spill
out of his pocket as he walked past them, the entire exercise of celebrity
had a strong undercurrent of hatred and jealousy rather than sincere
appreciation of his obvious (to himself) genius.

In a democracy, you've got to be careful not to rub your success in people's
faces. The bigger the success, the more careful. Maybe not obviously, the
little people seen so far away through the wrong end of the telescope on the
Microsoft hill have lives too, equally worth living although it may not seem
so in a world seemingly made in Bill's image and worthwhile in it primarily
to be Bill or, if you must, a figment subject to Bill's philistine
imagination. Those crude inferior (unevolved?) specimens not only paid your
freight but they can (and will) vote their emotions too. And should you
fall, they won't be sad no matter how great your sacrifice to build the $100
mil home. After all, they don't care about the folks without health
insurance or the homeless, either. So don't expect sympathy unless you're
willing to pay for it. And even that might not work.

Public sentiment, Bill. Where do they want you to go today?

You could've had Cab Calloway over to sing at the house, if he'd lived:

"How big can you get,
Ain't you big enough yet.
You trying to grow up,
Taller than tall?
Don't you know, the bigger you get
The harder you'll fall.
How big can you get?
Ain't you big enough yet?"


Bill G. Sings the Nerdy Blues (and Bill C. Plays a Sour Sax)

Post by Jerry » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

my, you certainly like to rattle on don't you?


1. BILL & bill

        Clinton would never screw gates -- thats his golf buddy
        little bill owns big BILL -- and you wonder why the DOJ
        has only slapped gates on the wrist ??  golfing pays !

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// Author of 'Professor Owl' the OS/2 C++ code generator.
// ***>
// IBM BestTeam OS/2 Member, Linux user, Ham call WB9RAA

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