Linux Gains

Linux Gains

Post by Sinister Midge » Sat, 31 Aug 2002 04:20:58

The news is actually a little old, but since it was just put up today.....

There are bits such as:

 'And Australian users are not alone. In the UK, Central Scotland Police
 moved 1,000 users to Star Office, saving itself a quarter of a million
 pounds. The aim, according to a report on VNUnet, is to do away with
 Microsoft altogether.'


 'For users, the time will inevitably come when they either succumb or
 jump to alternative suppliers. US Giga Group analyst Julie Giera told
 CNET in May 2002 that of the third intending not to sign to version 6.0
 licensing, 80 per cent are installing Linux somewhere in their

While we're at it, why not consider total cost of the PC and software as a

Can it really work? I s'pose so:

Another success? How about this:

Even government can get into the act:

And here's some reasoning for anyone who's thinking about it and maybe


Linux Gains

Post by Jeff » Sat, 31 Aug 2002 07:42:13


"We had a lot of skeptics within the company, however, who
thought we were going down the wrong path," he said. Initially,
the cynics included six Microsoft administrators. By now, though,
two of those six have turned more toward Linux, and another two
have actually changed into avid Linux buffs, according to Levanon. "

It's nice when they see the light. Six very lucky NT Admins!


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This article features some analyses of Linux and how it is gaining
momentum, and how it going head to head with NT. Microsoft president
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in the total cost of a project rather than free software. Check it out
for yourself (I could not cut and paste) on

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