( Want a Mac Interface..?..get a Mac...! )

( Want a Mac Interface..?..get a Mac...! )

Post by ANDREW GRYG » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Quote:(Nearly Normal Norman) writes:

>Jeezus Keerist - why don't you sadass*suckers just * off back
>your rocks.
>. . if you are a "master" of anything, it will be "bating".who really
gives a
>flying * which is "better".
>. . . sad *ic self abusers . .
>command line shit . . . you dumb*
>getting a girlfriend for a start, then your right palm wouldn't be so

Is this mentality average for Mac users?  Sounds like a repressed 6
year old who's parents are out for the evening.  Not a real good
advert. for the Mac community guys.

Andrew Grygus - California Republic
Resist Microsoft!


1. comp.sys.mac.misc comp.sys.mac.system comp.sys.mac.apps

We're looking for input on a decent Mac with ethernet to Unix file transfer
utility.  At present we're using the gatorbox, but the Appletalk speed is
clearly unsuited for our pruposes, that is transferring large sounds files
from the Mac to our Unix servers.  We have some Macs with Ethernet Cards,
and have tried uShare and InterCon's Mac NFS.  A quick summary of these two:

uShare runs on the Sun 4, and fires up some atp daemons that allow the Macs
on Ethernet to mount Unix disks.  However, it seems pretty buggy, prone to
crash and isn't all that easy to configure or use. But it's just one piece
of costly software that runs on the Sun.  

Mac NFS lives on the mac, takes a bit of configuring to get running, but once
in place it seems to work.  However, it's over $200/pop, and that could get
pretty pricey, given the number of Mac at our site.  

Does anybody have any experience with these products or their competitors?

this is YOUR CHANCE to contribute your wisdom for the good of all.  Your
responses are very much appreciated.

Rick Kleffel

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