All your security updates are belong to us,

All your security updates are belong to us,

Post by Daero » Sun, 15 Jun 2003 00:19:45
On MS, AV and *ive Updates
John Leyden,  June 13 2003

Microsoft's surprise decision this week to buy the antivirus business of
little-known Romanian firm GeCAD Software is part of a plan to get users
"*ed to WindowsUpdate".

"Microsoft has long envied the antivirus industry because they can issue
hundreds of patches per year, per product, without complaint and include
fixes for critical security holes in their products without telling
users about it," he cheekily notes.


1. Latest Microsoft Virus
VX writers release sequel to infamous Sobig worm
John Leyden  June 06 2003

Anti-virus firms are warning of the outbreak of yet another mass-mailing

Sobig-C, which spreads by email or (less commonly) network shares, has
been intercepted more than 15,000 times since its first appearance on
Saturday by message filtering outfit MessageLabs. This virus has now
reached 'high level' outbreak status, the company reports.

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