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backup restore

Post by Kadaitcha Ma » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 03:07:58

> > > Then I apologize for the mis-information.  Someone else said it would;
> > > didn't verify that (shame on me).

> > WHAT??? You apologise? What on earth is the world coming to? You will
> > make a support technician doing that! Lesson number 1: Make the OP feel
> > incompetent and mentally worthless as possible by blaming them for
> > your valuable time with idiotic questions they should have known the
> > to in the first place.

> > NEVER! NEVER! NEVER EVER admit a mistake!

> > Now, go and stand in the corner. Bubba drsquare will be over to "chat"
> > you soon.

> Uh oh...  drsquare is a *, isn't he?  I mean, so many things put
> thoughts in his head involving arses and the like.

You have insufficient fear. That is good for being a supercillious technical
support guru, however it is not enough to complete your punishment.
Consequently, you must be made aware that drsquare is one very sick
individual. I currently have him engaged in a discussion where he is
publicly exposing his penchant for baby-raping and shit-eating. Both
subjects that he raised without anyone suggesting them to him. However, to
temper the trepidation you should now be feeling, I think he is merely
confused and is actually talking about baby-eating and shit-raping.

You should be ok... just don't let him think you're a shit.

Kadaitcha Man
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