Motorola to complement J2ME with Linux OS

Motorola to complement J2ME with Linux OS

Post by asj » Fri, 14 Feb 2003 15:40:14

J2ME (Java 2 MicroEdition), the de facto standard in application
development in cellphones (and projected to be running on a BILLION
cellphones by 2006), will receive a boost when Motorola pairs it with
linux os powered phones. java's J2ME actually runs on the major OS in
phones (and can run standalone as the os), inc the * os's (palm
and symbian), but the popularity of linux would help cement its spread.


Motorola will begin selling its first cell phone based on Linux this
year and says most models will follow suit, a major sign of the growing
popularity of operating system outside its stronghold on high-end

Motorola's Linux phones will run Java, a programming language and
related software initially created by Sun Microsystems that shields
programs from differences in what particular processor and operating
system a computing device uses. Motorola leads a multicompany consortium
that defines Java for small devices such as cell phones, with
participation from companies including Nokia, Vodafone, Samsung, NTT
DoCoMo and Symbian.

"The operating system isn't that interesting. It's coupling Linux and
Java together," Durschlag said. The company hasn't changed its strategy
of encouraging the use of Java for programmers who write cell phone
software such as games or business applications.

Outsiders agree. "The story here isn't really Linux on cell phones. It's
Java running on Linux," Jackson said. "It's more about it being a bigger
part of Motorola's Java strategy than it is about the efficacy or
viability of Linux."