Hey, Big Wheel Corporate Dudes!!! Read this...

Hey, Big Wheel Corporate Dudes!!! Read this...

Post by Charlie Eber » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Are you the LEADER of your Company?
Are you the BIG CHEESE, the HEAD HONCHO!
Do you drink?
Have you been twirling your pistola as you consider this
NEW NT Microsoft package your
going to pay a half million dollars for?    Things starting to sweat due
to all those other
WINDOWS programs you've got to upgrade,  so you can "BE A BIG BOY!"
You'll probably
blow 1.5 million this year for everthing, won't you.   All that
licensing.  Then you'll have to upgrade
that *every year for the rest of your life.

You know, being a "BIG BOY" is very expensive if you do it the Microsoft


Twirl you pistola no more.  Put that thing back in it's holster and
listen to me!

Go down to your local book store, get you a copy of REDHAT like I did
for $12.
And install it across those 500 some odd office machines.

Turn your $12 expense voucher into accounting so they can get that
IRS amortization schdule

Then go down to your local bar.
Find one with RED upholstery and RED leather.  I like RED colored
Get you several drinks and have them bring you a basket of pretzels.

You've been a good boy and it's time you celebrated for real...
And by all means, buy your wife another Mercedes with the savings.
Hell, buy her two.  Then go get yourself something.  Get some new
threads man.

Are you shocked you haven't thought of this before.
Ha, stupido right!  Yeah stupido!

I will CU at the bar.

I will be sitting next to the guy in the TUX.