Making Friends with the GNOME Desktop

Making Friends with the GNOME Desktop

Post by Darre » Sat, 09 Mar 2002 18:47:45

This is a decent comparison and contrast between GNOME and KDE. Right off
bat the author notes that GNOME is organised differently from MS-Windows.
This would be contrary to what we're told by the WinTrolls - that Linux XF
is just trying to imitate MS-Windows. This article is actually quite nice
to disgorge all that stale FUDge about Linux XF being overly complicated
and difficult to use.

"The GNOME desktop is organized a little bit differently from both KDE and
Windows. Besides the standard Taskbar-like Panel at the bottom of the
screen, by default you also have a toolbar across the top. This toolbar
gives you drop-down menus for program access, a listing (which you must
create) of Favorites, access to the GNOME Control Center and desktop
settings. On the right end of the toolbar is the GNOME Calendar: a
configurable clock at minimum, a Palm-accessible personal organizer if you
want it to be. You can also click an icon to log on to the GNOME Web site
( "


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I normally use slackware (vers. 8.0 currently) and my usual window
manager is fvwm95, but I've felt like experimenting lately.  When I
choose gnome, as it comes in the slackware distro, and start an application,
be it mozilla or a simple xterm window, finish with it, close it, etc,
get out of gnome, log off, reboot, whatever, and restart gnome, it starts
up all the xterms, browsers, whatever that I had ever started in the
previous session.  Is this supposed to be a 'feature' and is there a way
to turn that off?


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