(C++ > C) = Red Herring?

(C++ > C) = Red Herring?

Post by wrinkledsh.. » Sat, 16 Dec 2000 07:34:28

Just saw this on www.linuxtoday.com ...


I thought maybe it might be pertinent to people who were heavily
involved in that "C++ phobia in Linux" thread. I don't have an opinion
one way or the other (C, baby! YEAH!!!!) so I thought I'd just throw it
out there...


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1. **GUI Engineer** - Red Herring's Best Company with the Best Product for 1998

**GUI Engineer**

The GUI engineer will help expand the capabilities of the StoryServer
user interface and will develop long-term solutions for moving the
user interface forward and broadening its cope with Java. StoryServer
3 is the premier Web content  application platform for building,
managing and delivering service-based applications, such as online
publishing,  knowledge management and sophisticated e-commerce systems
for corporate Internets, intranets and extranets.

The ideal candidate will have strong client/server  application user
interface development experience under
Windows, UNIX, and/or Macintosh using Java or C++  (Java is
preferred), have excellent problem-solving skills and be highly
adaptable to the every changing challenges of the Internet. Must have
at least six years experience in  developing applications on Windows,
Unix and/or  Macintosh, with at least three years of that experience
involving graphical user interfaces for applications in those
environments. Must have experience with object-oriented  programming,
in either Java or C++.

About Vignette Corporation

Vignette Corporation, a key player in the emerging category of
Internet Relationship Management provides enterprise solutions for
companies that are building successful business' online. Vignette's
products and services, which include industry-leading StoryServer4,
allow businesses to use the Web as a new channel for customer
acquisition and retention.  More than 80 premier companies, including
National  Semiconductor, First Chicago NBD, Bay Networks, Ziff-Davis'
ZDNet and CNET, use StoryServer to serve a combined 30 million page
views per day. Vignette has received numerous industry awards,
including The Red Herring's "Best Private Company" and "Best Product"
in the August 17th edition. The company partners with 20 leading
vendors in ad management, electronic commerce and personalization to
provide comprehensive solutions for its customers. Headquartered in
Austin, Texas, Vignette Corporation is on the World Wide Web at

If you meet these requirements, please send your resume to

file.  Please insert the job title in your subject line.

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