Win95 Shared Installation

Win95 Shared Installation

Post by Michael Kondrato » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

        Is it possible to use Linux Server to boot Win95 Clients(no hard drive,
only floppy) over the network. I know it is possible with WIndows NT server
or Netware. I hope I can do the same with Linux. (costs alot less :)


1. Samba and Win95 shared installation

        Has anyone been able to get Win95 to use Linux+Samba to act as a
server for a shared installation (ie, one where clients boot from a
floppy only system and start up Win95 from the Linux server)? If so,
please tell me how to do it! Using MS Client 3.0, I can get around the
real mode TCP/IP problem, but then I can't seem to get past SETMDIR on
the boot floppy.

Ed Schlunder


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