OK, just one more to lighten the atmosphere in this group....

OK, just one more to lighten the atmosphere in this group....

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GENERAL FLIX 2002 - Reviews and Refuse

Greetings all!  Well, I was going to forego this forevermore, especially
with all the flack that I've been taking lately for posting "off topic".
However with all the anti-linux posters that we've been seeing in here
lately, I think something to lighten the place up a bit is in order, don't

So here goes...

STAR WARS - Ep. II:  If you are a Star Wars fan (I don't consider myself
one even though I've seen every one), then you will like this one...alot!
It follows the true spirit of the orginal Star Wars movies, but adds just
enough modern flavor to make it a nice mix of old and new.  The score is
classic Star Wars fodder, instrumentals following the action to a T and
heightening the overall effect.

This one starts off really slow, but it contributes enough background info
to start making the first (last?) three episodes seem to make more sense.
In this one, Anakin Skywalker (pre-Darth Vader) is the main protagonist,
and we are just starting to get a glimpse of the personality traits that
will eventually lead him over to the "Dark Side".

This might seem petty, but much of the comic relief that was present in
the other episodes is sorely lacking here, though it does provide plenty
of action and lots of Jedi highlighting, especially in the latter half. We
even get to see Joda himself get down and dirty! And he shows us that he
is more than just a bunch of malformed talk too! :-)

Recommendation:  Catch it!


Juwanna Man: No.  No. No.  Does that sum it up for you?  I really can't
even bring myself to comment on this one, it just appalls me that
Hollywood can afford to waste so much money on *like this.

Brief summary; arrogant pro-basketball player gets banned from the leagure
for his atrocious behavior, loses everything, and is reduced to drag in
order to play in the Women's League.  'nuff said.

This one just had no redeeeming qualities in my view, and the laughs were
cheap and tawdry, despite it's all-star cast.

Recommendation:  Donate the $10 to a worthy Open Source project.


Windtalkers:  Another war flick.  Not too bad, this one concentrates on
the Navajo Indian code-talkers that were instrumental in our success
during WWII.  One in particular.

Nicolas Cage plays as the main character, a hardened marine assinged to
the protection of a code-talker that is assigned to the unit.  This movie
is replete with assertions of racial intolerance, and oft-rehashed, but
not well received theme.

It is directed by John Woo, so of course the action is outstanding, though
it is a bit out of his usual area and it shows somewhat in this movie.
All in all, not a bad flick as far as war movies go.

Recommendation:  If you have the time and have already seen Star Wars ;-)


Sum of All Fear:  I like Tom Clancy.  I got into his books back in my Navy
days so I can really appreciate his attention to detail.  His books are
usually right on target and dead accurate wrt equipment and personnel as
well as scenarios.  They are highly entertaining and time well spent IMHO
(with the exception of the Net Force series, which sucks).

Well, his movies seem to, for the most part, retain these qualities, and
this one is no exception.  Here we have a young Jack Ryan just beginning
his career as a Political Historian Journalist for a local DC Rag.  He
gets recruited into a inter-political scenario involving Russia and the

I don't want ot give too much away, let's just say that there's an Atomic
blast on US Soil involved somewhere.

This movie is pretty damned good, and, like all Clancy's works, one of
those "what-if" peices that makes you ponder just what the hell is going
on in the higher levels?

Ben Affleck plays the young Ryan, and plays the part nearly to perfection.
 All of the insecurities yet staunch boldness that we've come to expect
from the character are present here as well.  Not a dissapointment.
Considering some of Affleck's prior works, it's actually quite surprising!

Recommendation:  Catch it!

Ok, well that's all for now.  I could go on, but my fingers are tired. Let
me know if you guys want some more and I will be happy to oblige.


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1. New Group to lighten Load

This is the very most important one -:)

Also, there are the personnal news groups for all the other Linuxers
(H.J.Lu, Werner Almesberger, and all the others ...) missing! Make
thousends of groups, so reading them all gets even harder. Do you
know, when you post a question, whether it is a FAQ, a rarely asked
question, a bug, a feature, or a missing feature?

Okay, create new groups, if it makes sense. But don't make thousends.
Make one group for questions about configuration and setup, but don't
make three for this (c.o.l.FAQ, c.o.l.new_user, c.o.l.config.my_VGAcard).

There is also room for a group, where general discussions should go. This
is a typical example of an article which should be posted to this group -:)

[trailer deleted]

Kai Petzke

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