Linux: a HEALTHY software development platform

Linux: a HEALTHY software development platform

Post by Liang-Shing » Thu, 03 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Linux gives programmers a fresh breath of air. At last there is an
affordable and healthy software development platform for everyone.


1. Cross-platform software development

I'm looking at strategies to write code for both Linux and Windows, and
could use some advice from your experience.  Some of the tools that I
have seen are Java, Borland's Delphi/Kylix (and at some point in the
future a C++ tool), and using C/C++ with TCL/TK.  Any others?

The application will use communications (serial, USB, TCP/IP), database
such as mySQL, and will have both a native display and a web interface

I would expect a tool that writes native code would be faster than Java,
but I don't know how big the real world impact would be.

Any helpful information will be appreciated.


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