Y2K milestone: Mass migration to Linux.

Y2K milestone: Mass migration to Linux.

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 At last the application that allows you to move all your CAD works to



  LinuxCAD may replace AutoCAD and Visio in 90% of cases where ACAD is used,
and in 100% cases the visio is used it means
thousands of dollars in savings !!! Plus true multitasking of Linux and
freedom from the MS-Windows.


  LinuxCAD is an AutoCAD for Linux for all practical purposes it implements
all major features of ACAD in such a way that new users (who had ACAD experience before)
do not need any additional training to start working with LinuxCAD.


    LinuxCAD is a professional quality Computer Aided design and Drafting
 system for Linux , LinuxCAD is all graphics , all visual modelling and
 all diagramming you may need for Linux !!!


   LinuxCAD can be used in:
       Software Development Flowcharting ,
       Entity Relationship Diagramming,
       System Administration Diagramming and you actually can start
       your sysadmin tasks from inside LinuxCAD,
       Mechanical Engineering drafting,
       PCB and schematic design ( easily integrated with routing programs ),
       Geographicsl Information Systems,
       Any kind of drafting where integration with database is important,
       Floor plans for buildings and facilities,
       Architectural Drafting,
       Front end for programmable rendering systems like OpenGL,
       Can be used to replace ACAD in every application later is used !!!

LinuxCAD  - a must have for every Linux user.

   LinuxCAD is available for Intel x86 and PowerMac Linuxes.  
   LinuxCAD is a very affordable commercial program
      Intel version - only $99
      LinuxPPC version - only $120
      Also available for all major ???y nix versions ( look at our web site
                               for details. )

  This prices will meet our competitors anywhere in the world
to the benefits of all Linux users. They show our commitment to mass Linux market,
our long term goals and superior quality of our product in comparison to

        LinuxCAD v 1.85

includes important additions:

 1. Printing to HPGL compatible plotters ,  
 2. Printing DeskJet and LaserJet ,
 3. Printing Postscript
 4. Printing LinuxCAD MS Windows based Print server.
 5. Blocks and Attributes - just like in AutoCAD.
 6. Bezier Splines.
 7. 3D objects and algorythms.
 8. ???y ser Coordinate Systems.
 9. Bug fix from LinuxCAD rel 1.8
10. Hidden lines removal.
11. Dview command.
12. Forming of 3D shapes by extrusion and revolution.
13. Support for SHX fonts in ???y nifont format. That means national symbols,
   including german accent letters, cyrillic, katakana, kanji.

  all included in $99 basic package, there is no need to purchase any
additions or extensions.
  Now our competitors can no longer claim "The best performance/price ratio"
The best performance/price ratio provides nothing else but LinuxCAD alone !!!

    check and see for yourself:


 The outline of the main features of the previous versions:
 1)  LinuxCAD provides great variety of entity types ( lines , circles , ellipses , traces , text ,
polylines , solids , doughnuts , arcs , spline curves , user defined entities and 3D entities ) ,
 2) LinuxCAD implements all necessary editing features ( scale ,
 rotate , mirror , offset , array , copy , move , hatch , trim , extend , purge , ... ).
 3) Allows up to 1000 layers, with ability to   control layer color and visibility independently.
 4) All entities are transferable to and from  AutoCAD through DXF exchange format.
 5) Supports user defined line types and load able fonts in SHX format ( including ???y nicode fonts ).
 6) Supports a hardcopy to printers.
 7) Parts of the drawing can be copied between different instances of the LinuxCAD using X-Clipboard.
 8) LinuxCAD has industry standard Motif G???y I.
 9)  Allows users to write custom applications for automating typical editing and drafting tasks
  using industry most popular C-compiler GCC.
10) Easy integration to relational databases !!!


    We are looking for resellers of the shrink wrapped copies of LinuxCAD,
reseller discounts provided.

   Software Forge Inc.
   public relations department

PS. LinuxCAD has been developed using our proprietary Post Object Oriented
Technology of Software Development. We have a strategic advantage against
our competitors ( including big ones ) in the speed of development and
manageability of huge volumes of source code (!)

   In the long run You better off with LinuxCAD !!!
   LinuxCAD is the future , AutoCAD is the past, Give LinuxCAD a try !!!

Software Forge Inc. , just as such companies as Cygnus,Caldera,SSC,
Netscape,Oracle,IBM,Redhat doing its best in bringing Linux OS in the
mainstream of business computing !!! Our product LinuxCAD firmly
establishes Linux as solid platform for Computer Aided Drafting and
diagramming !!!

  This entire post is Copyright of the Software Forge Inc. and can be reproduced
or copied only in its entirety in its original unmodified form.