C++ (Was: Win32 development tools vs UNIX development tools)

C++ (Was: Win32 development tools vs UNIX development tools)

Post by Jerry Shekh » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00

: :
: : Personally I believe C++ leaped off the edge, and they should have
: : never added templates, but that is my personal opinion.
: I think implicit instantiation of templates was definitely jumping off
: the deep end. Explicit instantiation seems more reasonable and within
: the realm of human capabilities to implement robustly.

Can someone explain this to me?  I don't know much about compiler
implementation, and would like to know why templates are so troublesome.
As a developer, I find them very useful.

: Larry Edwards
Jerry J. Shekhel

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1. WWW Page for C++ Tools (was Re: Unix Development software - C++ etc.)

I have prepared a report evaluating C++ programming tools, including
integrated development environments, GUI Builders, Graphing and Drawing
Widgets, and Debugging/Testing Tools.

The report is available via anonymous ftp or by a world-wide web (WWW)
browser such as mosaic or netscape.

* WWW site

        Open the following location/file:


        This page has convenient links for viewing or downloading the report
        and some interesting (related) Internet sites.

* anonymous ftp to


      (login as 'anonymous' and set your email address as the password).

  The files are in directory



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