Which one?

Which one?

Post by archiebloc » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I recently purchased a new PC.  I want to run a dual boot system with a
Linux OS, but which one?  Compatibility issues are as follows:  PentiumIII,
733; 128m Rambus Ram; DVD Rom; CD rewritable.  Reading some other post, I
wonder if it is worth it, and which one is.  I am technically minded, but
don't want to spend my time coding and compiling my new OS.  Can someone
please help...

1. One easy, one less so, one not quite so.....

Hi !

First the easy one...

All I want is a text string with the time and date in, please.....
I've used sys/time.h, time.h, gettimeofday, time, ctime, asctime,
timeval*, tm* and time_t* which combination do I need ????

The middling one....

I have created a sub process using fork() and now want to use the
sub process to execute "xhost +" I've been using execl("xhost",
"xhost","+") but that don't seem to work. I know that this strictly
ain't a solaris question but the next one is... :-)

The not so easy one...

I have written a couple of xview apps under linux and I now want
to compile them under solaris. I've been using xmkmf with the
same Imakefile but solaris comes up with XView.tmpl and XView.prog
missing. Also it doesn't find ClientXViewLibs or half the libraries.
Is it the set up here or am I missing something ?

Cheers folks....

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