Help: Linux crashed and won't recover

Help: Linux crashed and won't recover

Post by Silicon Avat » Sat, 28 Sep 1996 04:00:00

My Linux (slackware 96- Linux 2.0) has crashed and won't recover.
The system crashed completely during an X-windows session.  I had to
do a cold-reboot and upon restarting the system complains, "unable to
execute /bin/sh" and stops!
The recovery boot disk brings the same results.  Is there any way to
recover the system?

Thanx in advance
<> Silicon Avatar <>


1. HELP - Linux Crashed & Won't Come Back

Linux crashed and I was forced to do a cold boot. Now when I try to
boot, I get error messages such as "EXT2 - fs error (device 03:02)"
and a mention of "PANIC" followed by a lockup. Apparantly the file
system is now corrupt but I have no desire to reinstall everything
(had some important stuff there that was not backed up.) I am usinng
kernel 2.0.0. If anyone knows how to get things working again without
trashing HD please let me know.

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