Windoze 95 ( Want a Mac Interface..?..get a Mac)

Windoze 95 ( Want a Mac Interface..?..get a Mac)

Post by ANDREW GRYG » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Quote:(DroneBlues) writes:

>       I am very aware of the validity of my statements. You are
>not a graphic designer and are unaware of the functions of a MAC. A
>cache does use ROM twerp. Have you used Adobe Photoshop lately? NOT!
>ONLY MEMORY is capable of being written to as a RAM supplement, i.e.
>Apples Virtual Memory and CONNECTIX virtual memory. This is only
>with a 32bit OS which you are evidently not using. Besides if you
>write to it how do you save files idiot. Not in RAM because it dumps
>time the computer restarts or is shut down. READ ONLY refers to
>capablity such as a CD ROM or a hard drive. Of course you are going to
>claim you can't write to CDs; don't bother you would be wrong. ROM
>to the hardware device itself. A RAM cache stores repeatedly used
>functions in main memory as you use them not a disk cache. KEYword
>being disk. Furthermore, random access memory does read/write from ROM
>retrieve info. YOU CAN"T PERMANENTLY STORE INFO IN RAM. Why do you
think a
>quad CD ROM has a transfer rate of 600kb a second or a decent hard
>has a speed access of 11ms? Beacause it must transfer data to RAM. A
>cache can be achieved via a third party card or software. An
>card with a RAM cache or through software such as Speed Doubler. On
>RAM caches are not as efficient. Finally, virtual memory refers to
>not physical memory.KEYword here being "virtual" as in not real. Only
>virtual memory system that I am aware of that does not use hard drive
>space is RAM DOUBLER. A partitioned RAM DRIVE is NOT a virtual memory
>system. A 50MB RAM drive will hold up to said amount of data and work
>data as fast as the CPU-FPU will allow becuase it is sitting in
>The only person chopping on free toes is you an your mis-informed
>opinions. That's right opinions, I have told you the facts.

>**go back to school you evidently did not learn anything while you

were there**

Stick to graphic designing. You definitely have no future in computers.
A hard disk is >>not<< ROM (except in rare special cases where write
inhibit has been set with a jumper).  It is certainly not a ROM on a
Macintosh, even.  A disk cache most certainly doesn't use ROM "twerp",
and neither does a RAM disk.  I won't comment further because your
twisted prose is too difficult to make any sense of.  

Andrew Grygus
La Crescenta, CA


1. Windoze 95 ( Want a Mac Interface..?..get a Mac.)

Let me be clear, I am no Mac enthusiast, on personality, cultural and
business grounds - but, your argument is ridiculous.  90% of computer
users use no more than three aps (maybe four for a "power user") and
maybe two or three utilities if they are >>really<< sophisticated
users.  The difference in number of software titles may be somewhat
meaningful to 5% of users, critical for 2% - specialists - and there,
the flip may flop to either side depending on specialty.  

Andrew Grygus  -  California Republic
Resist Microsoft!  (Apple's management is doing a good
enough job on their side - no resistance required).  

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