Problem: Cant compile new / NYS Problem

Problem: Cant compile new / NYS Problem

Post by jan.gru.. » Fri, 02 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi all !

I have to compile a new to make my binaries nys aware.
I installed the binary version of and ldconfig says,
all programs use the new libc.

But im still unable to access the ypserver.The portmapper is up and

Is the precompiled version of this libc nys aware or do i have to
compile it again together with the nys.0.27.4.tar.gz source.

Where do i have to exrtract the libc_5-4.23.tar.gz to compile a new
libc, the readme says it has to be extracted into the linux source
directory, but where the heck do all the header files go ? :)



1. breaks NYS client


Planning to upgrade to g++ 2.6.3, I upgraded from to 4.7.2,
and ran ldconfig.

Everything seemed fine, until the next morning, when I tried to unlock the
screen. It seems that the yp client software was having a few problems. I
couldn't log in from a virtual console either. Also, the 'w' command
wouldn't work, giving the error message:
_setutent: Can't open utmp file: No such file or directory

Reverting to the old library fixed all these problems.

Does anyone know whether there are bugs in 4.7.2 and, if so, whether these are
fixed in 5.0.9. Also, does 5.0.9 support a.out as well as ELF format?

I also tried compiling and installing a recent version of yp{bind,poll,which},
but this gives the same results as before. (ie. works, but only with old

How do I fix this?



PS. Kernel 1.2.4.

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