Opensource Initiative Position Paper on Sco-vs-IBM complaint

Opensource Initiative Position Paper on Sco-vs-IBM complaint

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There is also a legal dictionary available here ...

if you need it which helps define some of the legal terms used in the paper.


1. OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint

For those following the SCO vs IBM issue, I think this (long) page
can be interesting.

begin  quote
"It is not within OSI's competence or knowledge to address the specifics
of the business relationship between SCO/Caldera and IBM, or the terms
of their contract. It is, however, very much within our competence to
observe that SCO/Caldera's complaint depends critically on certain
historical and technical assertions which are materially false and
(apparently quite intentionally) misleading.

Unlike SCO/Caldera's complaint, we have provided direct hyperlinks to
browseable versions of all the sources which back our facts."
end  quote

"Linux is built to be used, Windows is built to be sold" (seen in COLAdv)


marcello (dot) romani (at) libero (dot) it

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