Who makes more $$ - Windows vs. Unix programmers?

Who makes more $$ - Windows vs. Unix programmers?

Post by Jack Walk » Thu, 13 Mar 1997 04:00:00

>>> Thank you for injecting some sanity in an inane thread. I've been in the
>>> business 25 years and seen language/OS fads come and go with abandon. It

>>    Is this a record for both left and right text alignment without
>>    inserted spaces or artificial filling?
>No.  In fact, it is not very hard to make both the left and right
>text align without artifical filling.  The hardest part is making
>sure that you do not have a spelling error somewhere.  It is very
>annoying to get to the end of a long post, that you have arranged
>to fully justify without artificial aid, and then find you missed
>a character somewhere.  You also have to be careful about how you
>end each sentence.  Putting a single space after some periods and
>a double space after others will not do, for example.
>The key is the flexibility of English.  For example, on line four
>of the previous paragraph, I originally typed "managed", but that
>was one character short, and so I tried "arranged", and that fit.
>Anyway, I've seen people do several dozen lines of text this way.
>Often, what happens is the first three or four just happen to fit
>on their own, and then the person starts making sure the rest fit
>Some people consider it acceptable to switch the length between
>paragraphs, like I am doing right now, but some people consider
>that to be cheating, or at least inelegant.
>--Tim Smith

He probably has an emacs ad-on that does it for him. =)



1. Who makes more $$ - Windows vs. Unix programmers?

The actual pay of programmers for various platforms varies from period
to period, depending on various factors, with the availability of talent
the most important.  Please, forget dollars, job satisfaction is far
more important.  Windows programmers may make more now because there is
a scarcity of talent, or the Unis programers may be less plentiful.
Whatever the current situation is will likely change in the future.  

I will suggest that the lifetime earnings of a Computer Programmer will
no dignificantly vary due to the platform.  If you spend your time
following the money, you may never develop the expertise in any specific
area to realize your potential earnings.  Also, if you focus on what you
want to do, you will likely become better at it, ultimately commanding a
higher salary.



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