QNX and MS code bloat

QNX and MS code bloat

Post by Dan Hildebra » Tue, 01 Jul 1997 04:00:00

>>>>>>Go to http://www.qnx.com/iat and download their demo disk *now*. :)

>>>>>>It is absolutely amazing...

>>>>>   The windowing system is, yes.

>>>>>   I can build a 1.44mb floppy that will do much the same with Linux (if
>>>>>   I could be bothered to figure out compressed filesystems :-) but it
>>>>>   would take a lot of work to update MGR and port a modern browser onto
>>>>>   it.

>>>>Another part of the trick is to get that functionality in the browser (full
>>>>HTML 3.2 with many extensions) in the small memory footprint it occupies.  

>>>   That's just an application problem, not a systems problem.

>>Our port of the Spyglass browser to QNX and the Photon microGUI, plus all
>>our extensions to that browser still result in a browser that takes less
>>than half the memory than the browser requires when running under X Windows
>>on QNX.  Clearly, some systems level work was required.  :-)

>   If you're saying that the GUI is integrated into the QNX kernel,

I don't think my posting says this anywhere.  I get the impression that you
don't think of GUI design, the supporting shared libs, IPC protocols, etc
as "systems level" work.  Also, the question of integrating into the QNX
kernel is an interesting one, given our microkernel approach.  Most any
process you add to a QNX system can be thought of as an OS extension, even
though it still runs in its own MMU-protected address space and does IPC
with the other processes making up the runtime environment.

Quote:>                                                                     I
>   think I'll take this opportunity to degauss the demo disk, then back
>   away slowly until I can lock the door between QNX and my network.

Aggghhhhh!!!  I'm melting!    Anything but that.  :-)

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