micros~1 buys influence

micros~1 buys influence

Post by Daero » Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:33:21

Gregory Levine, 03.14.03, 3:55 PM ET

Microsoft (nasdaq:  MSFT - news - people )

Don't touch that dial: Bill Gates seeks TV and radio.

".. Chairman Bill Gates' investment arm Cascade Investment is seeking
a seat on the board of Fisher Communications (nasdaq:  FSCI - news -
people ). In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Cascade said
its general counsel, Mark Beatty, had "contacted the issuer to inquire
about representation on the board of directors" on Feb. 28. Cascade
holds a 5.3% stake, or 455,700 common shares, in Fisher, a
Seattle-based TV and radio company, which said last month that it had
rejected two buyout proposals. Cascade said it had discussed the
request with Fisher's Chief Executive Officer William Krippaehne; the
CEO's response was not disclosed in the SEC filing. Fisher shares
closed at $40.88 Friday on Nasdaq. They have ranged from $38.50 to
$60.86 in the past 52 weeks .."
....... end .......


".. Fisher Communications yesterday said it had elected to its board a
former California thrift chairman who is associated with Bill Gates'
personal investment company .."
....... end .......

I guess we won't be hearing anything critical of the beast from these
television stations from here on in :


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