Shouks I switch II + where to get it

Shouks I switch II + where to get it

Post by Stuart Mart » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 19:43:35

Quote:> where to get it?

search out /pub/Linux/docs for lots of info.

1. QuickCOMM Spirit II modem switches

Does anyone out there know what the two dip switches at the back of the
modem do?  I inherited my modem (14k4) without any documentation, so I
currently have now way of finding out.

Also, I would appreciate any information on the registers and any
aditional commands these modems my have.  I have the docs for a NetCOMM
AutoModem, so I know the basic Hayes commands, but I would like to know
what the Spirit II is capable off.

Either docs, pointers to docs or even the manufacturers web page/phone
number/snail address would be appriciated very much.

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