URGENT! Linux vs MS-Exchange as email server

URGENT! Linux vs MS-Exchange as email server

Post by Timothy J. L » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

|Most of what is said below is simply FUD.

Then please post the instructions for fixing the anonymous bounce
relay bug.

|>Don't know about Groupwise, but Exchange is not only expensive, but
|>hard to configure, understand, and maintain (it does contain some
|>non-email features that may be useful in an all-Microsoft environment,
|>but if you're not using those features, they are of no relevance to
|>you except in making the system more complicated).  It is also
|>vulnerable to anonymous relaying through bounce messages, since it
|>deletes the Received: lines from the original message when bouncing
|>it.  So if Exchange is used, another mail server must be placed between
|>it and the internet to prevent untrusted sources from sending email
|>to nonexistent users on the Exchange server.


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