LOCAL (TX): Announcing Linux Users Group in Midland/Odessa Texas (Permian Basin Linux Users Group)

LOCAL (TX): Announcing Linux Users Group in Midland/Odessa Texas (Permian Basin Linux Users Group)

Post by Joe Burnet » Sat, 08 Jun 2002 01:20:45

The Permian Basin Linux Users Group (http://www.pblug.org) is forming to
promote the use, exchange of knowledge, and advocacy of Linux in the Permian
Basin area of West Texas, servicing Midland, Odessa, Greenwood, Andrews,
Kermit, and other surrounding communities.

Please visit our website and join our mailing list (function available as
soon as my work schedule permits) if you live in the area and are interested

mailing list is not yet online at the time you read this post.

We are still in the process of locating space for meetings, etc., so if
other LUG members in different locations can give me advice on how to make
our debut as successful as possible, please drop me a line! Long live Linux!

Joe A. Burnett

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1. Announce: North Texas Linux Users Group

We are formally announcing the formation of the North Texas Linux
Users Group (NTLug) as of 08 July 1996.

Complete details are available at the NTLug website:


NTLug began forming in July, 1996, for the purpose of organizing and
representing the growing number of Linux users in the Dallas/Fort Worth

Our website  is up and running providing several resources:  a schedule of
meetings, a list of relevant links, and, in the future, a survey of Linux-use in
North Texas, as well as an archive of software, configuration information,
and selected newsgroups.

Thanks for your attention.


NTLug co-founders:
Coleman Jones
Stephen Denny
Kendall Clark

URL:  http://www.computek.net/public/kclark/index.html

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