desperate act of a has-been company, SCO --

desperate act of a has-been company, SCO --

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Shields Up, Linux

  Does a desperate SCO have a leg to stand on? Is a conniving Microsoft
really behind The SCO Group?...

  First, B-grade vendor SCO filed a $1 billion lawsuit against IBM,
charging that its intellectual property had made its way into IBM's
Linux distribution...

The cynics say the lawsuits and threats are a last-ditch effort by a
has-been company pushing its has-been version of Unix. The *
theorists see Microsoft's hand behind SCO's actions. ..


1. questionable motives of Microsoft SCO deal --,10801,81488,...
SCO's licensing deal with Microsoft raises user doubts
Microsoft said it is just respecting SCO's intellectual property claim

Many IT users are questioning the motives of Microsoft Corp. since
Monday's announcement that the company had signed a Unix technology
licensing deal with The SCO Group Inc. (see story).

The deal between Microsoft and Lindon, Utah-based SCO came less than a
week after SCO threatened possible legal actions against commercial
users of Linux because of claims that some of its Unix intellectual
property has illegally made its way into the open-source operating
system (see story). The financial details of the contract between
Microsoft and SCO weren't disclosed.

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