P90 Laptops: ARM, MidWest Micro & Compal

P90 Laptops: ARM, MidWest Micro & Compal

Post by Fringe Ryd » Sat, 15 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have the MWM Pentium 90, received in January, so probably before the review
was written and theoretically with the defective system.

 * It gets warm, but not overly hot.
 * No parity errors on the MWM
 * 32bit access works, although I don't use Windows uch
 * Performance does dip if the laptop overheats, but this is a feature that
   protects the laptop.  I haven't noticed it because it seldom gets that
 * Video drivers for Windows worked great.
 * The IDE drive is incredibly fast.  

My main problem was a defective disk drive and arrogance/incompetence
at the company, resulting in the machine being shipped back to me by
the slowest method possible.  They've promised me a refund on my
shipping to them because of this (after some battles), but that was
almost a month ago and I haven't seen it yet.

None-the-less, I think the machine is great.  The trackpoint device
is great, and easily controllable.  The sound is amazing.  The computer
is blazingly fast.  The keyboard is pushed back enough to give you a
wristrest (which is important for me.)  It's a great package.

I run OS/2 on the system.  Works great.  

: I'm looking for comments -- good, bad or just grose.

: In the April Computer Shopper, the Pentium 90 laptops from
: Compal -- also sold by Midwest Micro, ARM, and a few other resellers --
: had substantial problems;

: * Power use caused excessive heat.
: * Parity errors occured. (ARM)
: * Unable to enable "32-bit File Access" mode under Win 3.1x.
: * Performance would dip as the laptop became hotter. (Midwest Micro)
: * Bugs in the C&T graphics drivers for Windows. (Needed drivers from
:   10/7/94 to get this to work.)
: * Mode 3 IDE drives didn't perform like mode 3 IDE drives; they were
:   quite slow.

: The article did mention that the problems would be solved, according to
: the manufacturer, by the time the article was published (mid-March
: 1995).  It's now Mid-July, 4 months later, and I'm wondering if anything
: has actually changed or not.

: If you have one of these beasts, I'd like to hear your input on
: them -- I'll be ordering one Friday, and others I know are getting
: interested in these systems.  I'll have a couple days to change my mind,
: so tell me your ugly stories if you have any.

: I'm especially interested in people who use OS/2, WinNT, BSD or Linux on
: these systems.

: Thanks!
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    If you're using Warp, you may be out of luck.  However, there are
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worked with the 3Com PCMCIA cards.  I suggest you check it out.
    You might also check their ftp site at mwmicro.com.

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