Good stuff Bad Stuff

Good stuff Bad Stuff

Post by <fg.. » Thu, 15 May 2003 04:24:09

Oh look its that bloke again, posting via OE what a c*nt!

I was thinking what I liked first time I used a system:

1.VMS back in the 80's--Every time you edited in that sh*theap ed at least
it made a back-up and incremented the version number, you could then "purge"
by typing the word purge <filename> and it would delete all but the most

2. Apple Mac 80's again--Clipboard, "F*ing hell" I fort- Thats *y good,
oh and this mouse menu thing sure saves me from having to learn a load of

2.5 DOS 3 - Oh its almost like a proper OS

2.75 Atari- This is great, I turn it off, put the disk in, turn it on and
after a short while Im playing what ever game this is. Oh yeah and the mouse
keeps getting fluff on the rollers

3. Windows 3.x early 90's The help files would you belive, why? Becuase you
had that bookmark function back then, as you fliped around a manual you
could keep track of intresting pages other than the last one you read. Why
M$ got rid of that in HTMLHelp I will never know

4.*NIX The child like ease of sendmails config files, nah sorry it was
rc.conf but thats not Linux is it, no thats a proper OS

5. Linux-Yeah what did I like about Linux? Was it the info help system-Oh no
hang on that aint nothing to do with Linux. Was it the way when you asked
"How do I configure <insert package name here>" you would get a flood of
pus, with one poor bloke who knew what he was on about buryed in a sea of
No I know what I like about Linux, its the friendly people who advocate it!
Oh and NATs is handy got to admit that, oh no hang on did that in *BSD.
Er I know make menuconfig oooh big geeky hardon from that ocean of options

(Bit of an aquatic theme there..)