Linux making inroads on the desktop...

Linux making inroads on the desktop...

Post by paul cook » Sun, 24 Nov 2002 18:49:34

The snowball has started to roll... :)


|Government agencies in Europe, China, India and South America have
|started to encourage Linux over proprietary software because it
|provides cost savings, freedom from reliance on a single software
|vendor, and flexibility.
|Linux is part of the open-source movement, which offers the global
|community of programmers the ability to access and modify source code.
|``Outside North America is where you have both Microsoft environments
|being threatened. Governments are evaluating alternatives for both the
|operating system and applications,'' said Stacey Quandt, an analyst who
|tracks open source and Linux for Giga Information Group.
|Overseas, systems pre-installed with Linux are selling. Hewlett-Packard
|offers PCs bundled with Turbolinux at stores in China. It also sells
|PCs pre-installed with Linux in stores in German-speaking parts of

<snip good stuff>

|Red Hat, the largest Linux provider, is attempting to reach more
|mainstream computer users with its latest version of Linux, Red Hat
|``We will introduce Linux to a user population that we have historically
|been unable to reach,'' including home and school users, Chief
|Executive Matthew Szulik told investors in September.
|SuSE, a 10-year-old German company with U.S. headquarters in Oakland,
|will begin to offer products aimed at consumers next year, said Holger
|Dyroff, SuSE's general manager for the Americas.
|The company began selling its product pre-installed on laptops in
|Germany earlier this year and hopes to convince PC manufacturers here
|to do the same. In a partnership with CodeWeavers, which makes products
|to bridge the gap between Windows and Linux, SuSE will offer a desktop
|operating system that runs Windows applications.

now I know the laptops are available pre-installed... I can go search one
out... :)

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1. Why Linux Made Inroads At Financial Institutions

Why Linux XF instead of MS-Windows? Because you can get twice the
computing power for 1/4 the cost, that's why. I wonder who these financial
institutions plan on suing after they put in Linux XF? Seems to me that
they probably figured such a pansy-assed attitude only works for MS
marketeers (or is that mouseketeers?) How about it Erik, who are these
people looking to point fingers at by using Linux XF?

"Now that it has tested a Linux system in-house, Lehman plans to replace
about half of the lost servers with ones that use this technology." ...

"While Lehman has not yet signed a contract to install Linux , its testing
showed that the system runs about twice as fast as its existing server
system at roughly one-quarter of the cost, Ms. O'Connor said. "So where we
needed 24, now we need 12 -- that's compelling.""

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