degradation of 2d performance

degradation of 2d performance

Post by Zarathustr » Mon, 31 Mar 2003 06:07:47

Did you people notice a degradation of 2d performance with the texstar
drivers?  Or the 4xxx drivers in general?  Id swear that my 2d performance
is crawling compared to 9.0.  I installed nv drivers from source in 9.0
and used tex's rpms in 9.1.  Does anyone know if using 3xxx drivers or
installing 4xxx drivers from source will work better?  Or does that even
make a difference?  

1. Performance degradation after enabling routed daemon?

Hello, can anyone offer valid numbers regarding the performance hit if we
configure our H50 as a router? We currently have 3 NIC's with 3 different
networks, building a routed ntwk end eventually only keeping one active NIC.
During this transition period, we thought about using the H50 to route
traffic between two networks. We have heard that "You don't want to bog down
your H50 doing routing" and we would like to what to expect.
Thanks for any assistance.

- peter steele

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