MICROS~1 acquisition in AT&T like Standard Oil buying gas stations says Scott McNealy, News.com

MICROS~1 acquisition in AT&T like Standard Oil buying gas stations says Scott McNealy, News.com

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McNealy critical of Microsoft investments
Tim Clark,  June 13, 1999

Scott McNealy, chief executive of Sun Microsystems, says the government
should force Microsoft to divest itself of recent investments, including
its recent $5 billion stake in AT&T.

"The way I put it is: Chapter 58 in most antitrust textbooks is
'Bundling the Browser With Your Operating System.' Chapter 1 is 'Buying
Your Distribution Channel,'" McNealy said in an interview with Newsweek
magazine to be published tomorrow. "It's like Standard Oil buying gas

McNealy hopes Microsoft will be to revise its pricing practices, end
exclusive contracts, and publish APIs or application programming
interfaces, the rules of how to write programs for Windows. That would
make it easier for Sun or others to work with computers that run
Microsoft's Windows operating system.

"I have yet to see a customer who is disappointed when there's
interoperability between two different pieces of technology," McNealy
said. "I've yet to hear them say, 'Oh darn, I plugged it in and it
worked. I hate that.'"


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