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         I very much want to being enjoying and learning Linux as well
as you all do.  I was thinking about purchasing the Linux distribution
from Caldera Networks, the Caldera Network Desktop.
        I would appreciate any comment you can give me on this
product, from anyone that either has it, have installed it, or any
other important information on it.  I very much appreciate your

Thank you so much,


1. caldera Network Desktop aha-2940 and 3c59x

I am trying ot get Caldera Network Desktop to work on my machine at
work.  It has a 2940 and 3c590 card that isn't recognized.  I would
like to get this configuration to work to make testing easier.

If this isn't possible, I will grab some older scsi and ethernet cards
that may be more paletable to caldera.

BTW, using  this in a Netware enviroment.

Wes Szumera
Plant Engineer
Eagle Picher Trim Divsion

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