Novell may challenge SCO Linux claims --

Novell may challenge SCO Linux claims --

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Novell may challenge SCO Linux claims
Stephen Shankland  --  May 27 2003
Novell, the second of in the chain of four companies to own rights to
the Unix operating system, is expected to challenge the rights
infringement claims that their current owner, SCO Group, is making
against Linux.

1. SCO claims IP rights on derivative code,  
SCO may expand Linux case soon
David Becker and Michael Kanellos,  June 13 2003

The SCO Group soon may open another front in its legal battle against
Linux by filing suit against a major hardware manufacturer in North
America, a company executive said.

"The fact that there are other companies infringing our contract...
(means) there could be other complaints," Sontag said.

In particular, Sontag said that a "major" hardware vendor inserted code
protected by SCO's Unix intellectual-property rights into a Linux product.

"They have rights that no other Unix vendor has," he said.

Sontag said SCO has found numerous other violations since filing the IBM
suit. "We keep finding more stuff every day," he said. "There's
(allegedly infringing) code in all the Linux distributions."

"Red Hat has been saying all along, 'We don't believe in licensing IP
(intellectual property),'" he said.

"..  Not only are there lines of SCO's code in Linux, but also
derivative products based on SCO intellectual property have been
created, Sontag said. Getting all of the protected bits out, assuming
SCO's claims are valid, would be a huge chore."

"Our biggest issues are with the derivative code," he said. "It would be
almost impossible to separate it out."
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what *exactly is their definition of derivative code ?

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