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1. Check out unix programming books on eBay

Check out a bunch of good computer science and programming books on eBay.
Programming With Threads /pthreads,posix,unix

Analysis of Algorithms, Knuth

Taligent Guide to Programming (C++)

Advanced CORBA Programming with C++, Henning

Linux Kernel Internals /Beck

And others, click on "more auctions by the same seller" when on one of the pages above.

2. Sierra Screamin 3d and S.u.S.e. X server

3. Check ebaY...

4. ?? What Option Setting to Ignore Local Entries

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6. removing special characters (in vi ? )

7. You've gotta read this one.

8. Setting up SecureCRT to work with FreeBSD/OpenSSH?

9. Quick Easy One: Checking for first monday of the month ?