Interested MS/DOJ Fight? Read This.

Interested MS/DOJ Fight? Read This.

Post by David Petticor » Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Whether you are anti-microsoft or pro-microsoft it
should start becoming obvious the DOJ is bobbing and
weaving.  Microsoft is trying to force them to stand still.

My previous post showed how the DOJ was implying
the Contempt Case was over and the current action
was "injunction relief".

Microsoft is saying "If the Contempt Case is over then
the case is over, period" in its latest brief...

It is very long, but gives an interesting, if biased, re-cap.

I do not know if Microsoft's interpretation of court procedures
is correct, but I agree the DOJ drastically changed its case
after December 11th.  Is the DOJ going to admit that or
continue to be light in its feet?

Providing Food for Thought,
David Petticord