'Project Magic' - your way to a new Linux browser

'Project Magic' - your way to a new Linux browser

Post by Helmar Rudol » Sat, 29 Nov 1997 04:00:00

'PROJECT MAGIC': a new browser for your operating system?

Helmar Rudolph
Opera Software AS


Friday, 28 November, 1997

Dear friends and supporters,

after more than six weeks of running Project Magic, and just a few
before the official close, I would like to provide you with some last

If you don't know what Project Magic is all about, and you haven't
to our site, here's a quick intro:

    Opera Software is the developer of Opera, a marvellous
    webbrowser for the Windows environment. We are often approached
    by Mac, OS/2, UNIX and Be users asking us for a native Opera
    version for their favourite OS. As a result, Project Magic was
    born to:

    1) gauge wide-spread and more objective interest in a native
    version for their respective OS

    2) gather info on the appropriate price level of such a

    3) gauge interest in pre-funding the development of Opera for
    such operating systems.

Since 10 October, we have received more than 3000 emails from all
corners of the world, expressing interest in such a development and/or
the willingness to prefund development - sometimes with up to 60+
copies. All this for a product that doesn't even qualify as
on these platforms!

Many hundreds of users didn't only send in a mail to make their vote
'counted', but also told us what they think of the current competition
and the market situation as they see it. They also provided us with
valuable technical and background information, and we really
it. An early extract is made available for reading, too, so check out
what your fellow users think.

Officially, Project Magic will come to a close, but we will certainly
accept your vote after Sunday, too. If you are interested in seeing a
small, fast, compact, stable and customizable browser for your
system, and would like to express your support, this is your last
chance to cast your vote in favour of Project Magic. Do it right
here: http://www.operasoftware.com/alt_os.html

To those of you who have already done this, I would like to extend my
sincere thanks. I also greatly appreciate you spreading the news
PM by adding a button onto you page or by letting friends and
know about this exciting intiative.

Within the coming days we will make public our decision regarding
II of Project Magic, so make sure to come to the site for more

Until then, have a great, relaxing and peaceful weekend.



      I have been looking at Opera 3.0B8 for about 10 minutes
      now and I am impressed! I will probably be purchasing the
      Windows product in the very near future and have pledged my
      support for your Linux and OS/2 efforts.

      Again, this browser is excellent. I really appreciate your
      efforts, and the ability to remain open on the idea of
      multi-platform.  - T. Tabbal


-> Support 'Project Magic' - See Opera for OS/2, Mac, BeOS and X11 <-
-> http://www.operasoftware.com/alt_os.html

- Opera Software A/S - our browser is too fast for you!
- South African branch
- Address:  8 Airlie Place, Constantia 7800, South Africa
- Tel./Fax: +27.21.794.3414

- WWW:      http://www.operasoftware.com
- Deutsch:  http://www.operasoftware.com/de

# END #


1. 'Project Magic' - your way to a new Linux browser


Opera Software A/S, is the developer of Opera, a very small (1MB),
fast, user-friendly and powerful (Javascript, SSL, ..) browser for the
Wintel environment, and has just launched an exciting initiative
called 'Project Magic'.

Resulting from user requests to also provide a native Mac, OS/2 and
Linux version, 'Project Magic' has two objectives:

1) To gauge wider-spread and more objective user interest in native
version for their respective OS

2) To gauge interest in pre-funding the development of such operating

If you would like to see an additional browser for your operating
systems -- something small, lean and fast, yet still powerful and
customizable -- then I suggest you have a look at Opera Software's

You can become part of one of the most interesting and intriguing
developments on the browser market. Alternatively, you can use what is
being 'served' to you by the big boys.

The choice is yours! The time is now!

Helmar 'user and supporter of Opera'
Replace the 'waste.bin' from my email with my name, and you'll be fine.

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