Probs with voodoo3 3000, rh6.1 and test3Dfx

Probs with voodoo3 3000, rh6.1 and test3Dfx

Post by <bol.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I just bought a new system with a BX chipset motherboard and all,
including a brand spanking new voodoo3 3000.

I installed redhat 6.1 on the system.

I followed the instructions at 3dfxgamers and installed the
drivers and modules.

When I first ran /usr/local/glide/bin/test3Dfx -r 640x480 the
screen just trashed out.

I tried running this at a few resolutions and the screen just
garbages out.

I installed q3test-1.8 and ran it with the options:

pushd /usr/local/games/q3test;./linuxquake3
   +set r_glDriver +set in_dgamouse 0;popd

Quake started up, but again with the crapped out screen.
Funny thing though, sound was working and I could hear
that my menus were navigating and could see the *"change"
when I selected menus.

Can anyone help me with this?

Btw, my previous system was k6-2 based with a banshee card
and I had run quake3 on that before.  I just took the XF86Config
I had from that card and changed the name settings around.

This is an abit BP6 system but I see this behavior with a single
CPU setting with the CPU at 366 (so please no flames about
"you get what you deserve").  I've done the CYA work.




1. mandrake6.0 and 3dfx voodoo3 3000 question

i hate to sound like a clueless first timer,
but if it walks like a duck.... well, anyways:

I'm having severe trouble seting up Mandrake6.0
to work with my 3dfx Voodoo3 3000.  The graphics
setup doesn't have the card in it, and the
instructions on the 3dfx site:

seem a little advanced (oh gawd- did that sound
bad or what; this is humiliating, i know dos,
windows, and macs like the back of my hand, but
linux is turning out to be a bit of a challenge)
for the mere likes of me.  They have instructions
that i could probably trudge through, but they don't
have a directory that you are supposed to put the
drivers in, etc etc, and also it says that some of
them are only distributed as source (!) and that i
have to compile them (again, a little off of my
linux skill level).  If anyone could possibly help
me out in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am in the bash shell at this point, can get into
the KDE interface, but only at a 300x200 (cant remember
specifically the size) virtual desktop, resolution
step controls don't work.

Thanks in advance

LINUX distribution:
  Linux Mandrake release 6.0(Venus)
   *It states on the box that mandrake 6.0
    is based on redhat 6.0, if that helps.

LINUX INFO (info on screen at boot)

Linux Version: 2.2.9-19mdk
 -compiled #1 WED MAY 19 19:53:00 GMT 1999
One 400MHz K6-3 Processor, 63M RAM

LINUX INFO that 3dfx setup instructions
call for:

-Glibc Version:*
-XFree86 Version:
  *Name:     XFree86
  *Release:  58mdk


*AMD k6-3 400 (4.0x100)
*64meg pc100 ram
*3dfx voodoo3 3000 (16mb agp, 350mhz ramdac, 166mhz
 3d core and memory)
*6.4gb Quantum udma/33 hd
*TMC AIV5G+ mainboard (via mp3 chipset)

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