COLA FAQ 7 of 7 23-Nov-2002

COLA FAQ 7 of 7 23-Nov-2002

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                                TABLE OF CONTENTS

          The student asked, "What will this lesson teach?"  The master
          responded, "What will the student learn?"


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      Please take special care to mention the author if you quote a koan,
      or you will lose enlightenment!


Gaining an appreciation of the concepts behind Linux is often referred to as
"enlightenment" or with other vague references to Eastern philosophy,
suggesting not only that one has learned something useful, but that one
has learned something to guide in solving future problems, a new way to
think about problems and the universe itself.  Koans are good for this.

Koans contributed by Alexander Krumbach:

  The pupil entered the newsgroup and inquired, "I'm trying to create
  hack-proof firewall. How do you folks have yours configured?"  The
  Master's reply was instantaneous: "In the manner that pleases me."

  When asked which was the best distribution, the answer was unanimous:
  all of them.

  A paid speaker at a Linux User Group was astounded to find the main host
  deeply involved in writing code upon their machine.  When he confronted
  the other hosts, they said "He has been this way for days."  The visitor
  tried speaking to the coder but obtained no response.  When a new
  user came to ask a question, the host immediatly got up to assist him.  
  With this, the speaker attained enlightenment.

  A motivational speaker at a traditional software development conference
  asked, "What is the nature of software in development?" An attendee
  immediately replied, "Innovative thinking." The speaker then visited a
  Linux conference and asked, "What is the nature of software in
  development?"  After a prolonged silence, the Master stood and
  responded, "The more important question is, what is the nature of
  development in software?"

Linux: the more you learn, the more you love