USENIX roomshare (see

USENIX roomshare (see

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If you're attending the January USENIX in Anaheim, and you're not made of
money, don't forget to check out for room-sharing


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1. RFD:

 A Call for Votes:

  Status: Unmoderated


   This newsgroup will provide a forum for the discussion of issues
   relating to the International AIX User Group and local AIX
   user group chapters. Similar groups are (Sun User Group)

   Please don't send me flames about the name. I was not involved
   in the choice of IAUG as an acronym for the group, but believe
   the newsgroup should accurately reflect the name of the

 Reference Entry
   comp.unix.aix     Issues relating to AIX.

 How to vote:

   Send email to one of these two addresses:

     You can not vote by replying to this posting.  You must send email
     to one of the addresses above.  I plan to post two mass ACKs: one
     on Jan 16th, and one on Jan 28th.

     Votes will be collected until noon on Friday, Feb. 7th (CST).
     They must have reached by then.


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