Microsoft, software company or horrible disease?

Microsoft, software company or horrible disease?

Post by Eric Benne » Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:00:00

> > So, in your opinion the Mac and Amiga ways are "coorect" is that
> > what you are saying? Well, I strongly dissagree, and most Mac
> > people I know do to. They all have "sticky menus" or whatever it
> > is called installed. Even the most die-hard MacVocates.

> Really? We have 50 Macs around here. And I certainly qualify as a die-hard
> Macvocate. Not a single Mac has Sticky Menus installed.

A couple years ago someone proposed StickyClick for the Macs in the
public computer lab I help run.  We voted it down.  :-)


*dog: because not all web browsers should be bloated.


1. Microsoft, software company or horrible disease?

Well, then I guess we should not buy UNIX machines, or Alphas, or OS/400,
or S390, or any other computers either based on that logic.

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