Waste no time on Larry Hastings (Matt Groening, Greg Suvalian)

Waste no time on Larry Hastings (Matt Groening, Greg Suvalian)

Post by Lin?nu » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 06:24:43

begin  to-go-nutz.exe

It's bitter with the butterfly.  But I'm getting some
_CRAZY_ uptimes with Linux!


Waste no time on Larry Hastings (Matt Groening, Greg Suvalian)

Post by d2002x » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 18:09:41

Quote:> begin  to-go-nutz.exe

hmm..,,, now I have a new feeder....

retired COLA wintroll-feeder #1

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1. Larry Hastings - The Moron

This guy, what an idiot.  At least he is starting to get his word
wrapping fixed.

I took a look at his headers, and noticed that he has unixsucks.com in
his email address.  I though it would take a look at this site.  It's
actually quite a lot of fun to read, if you ask me.  For instance, on
http://www.unixsucks.com/unixsucks.aspx, it reads:

First lets me remind you dear reader that UNIX Worshippers usually
confuse operating system with an application. So if IIS has holes or
crashes they would call it "Windows problem", if computer blue screens
it's again "Windows problem", if WINS is not working "Windows problem"
and so on. Let's differentiate apples and oranges.

I like that.  What's really funny is that if we go to the home page,
there are links to various studies done by the Aberdeen Group and Cert,
which claim Linux/Unix to be more insecure.  There's also a link to some
IDC fud about Windows being cheaper that Linux.  We have all heard this
routine before, and know that infact AG, IDC and Cert are all more than
guilty of listing *nix apps as OS vulnerabilities, such as 1 sendmail
hole = 34 holes in Linux, since 34 distros bundle sendmail.

Another good one, at http://www.unixsucks.com/idiots.aspx, says:

We would also like too add on a note that the Palladium Chipset which
will be around in 2008 will see that Unix is obseleted anyway.

Take a look, it sure was a fun read.  Just remember to wear your boots,
the shit gets pretty thick in there.

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